celebrity designer at national home show Jackie on HGTV Stage

Jackie Morra is an engaging garden, design & lifestyle expert for outdoor and indoor spaces at consumer shows and special events throughout North America. 


Jackie designs, conceptualizes and creates feature spaces at various consumer shows that showcase unique and innovative products including: The Ultimate Backyard and the Dream Home Backyard Oasis at The National Home Show & Canada Blooms

Outdoor Oasis Space  Outdoor Oasis Sunbrella Fabrics


Jackie enjoys partnering with brands she loves to create interactive workshops and events to engage and provide an added value experience to attract new audiences.  Jackie‚Äôs newest garden workshop is called Healing Gardens for the Mind, Body and Spirit.  In this enlightening and informative presentaion,  Jackie shares how to connect with plants and living spaces in an inspirational way. She a wonderful illustration of how the energy of our gardens can have an immediate and lasting effect on our mood, emotions and wellbeing. 

Jackie Morra 2017 Jackie Morra at Deerhusrt Resort Workshop


Jackie has appeared regularly on various media such as Breakfast Television, Global TV - The Morning Show, Global TV Making a Difference, City TV, Reno & Decor Magazine, Toronto Star, Houzz.com to name a few.

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