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Speaking Engagements

Jackie Morra delivers engaging and meaningful presentations providing tips and tricks of the trade on all topics gardening and horticulture thearpy as she becomes a Certified Horticulture Therapist.


Training and Consulting

Jackie Morra provides staff training and planning for in house horticulture therapy programs and customized sessions that are engaging and specific to the needs of each group including seniors / retirement homes, resorts and spas, women's events and cancer /breast cancer centers. 


Workshops and Special Events

Jackie‚Äôs newest workshop called Healing Gardens for the Mind, Body and Spirit started touring across Canada in 2019.  In this enlightening and informative presentation, Jackie shares how to connect with plants and gardening in an inspirational way.  She shares stories of her breast cancer journey and becoming vegan while gardening and healing as a wonderful illustration to life and our connection to nature on our emotions, wellbeing and mental health.

Jackie Morra 2017 Jackie Morra at Deerhusrt Resort Workshop

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